2021 BSIFF – Climate action

2021 Big Syn Int. Film Festival- Laurel

This film festival has been made possible purely through voluntary efforts of the team of dedicated volunteers, judges and the Grand Jury. Hence, we need the support of all viewers to continue with our mission of educating millions more about the UN SDGs and inspiring action for the Global Goals.

Please support us with any amount if these films make you pause for a moment and help you realise the importance of our actions in today’s interconnected world to ensure a safe, secure and sustainable future for all.

The Fellowship of the Springs

Florida’s artesian springs are a natural wonder of the world. As unique as the geysers of Yellowstone and as mesmerizing as Vernal Falls in Yosemite, these blue jewels surrounding the north Florida landscape are considered a treasure by many who see them. The state contains the largest and highest concentration of fresh water springs on earth. But today, the future of Florida’s springs is uncertain. With flow levels declining and nitrate pollution on the rise, the springs today bear the scars of a profound struggle. Florida’s own government continues to approve permits for large companies that want to pump water from the springs and their springsheds, for nominal permit fees that often cost less than a day pass to Disney World. The Fellowship of the Springs takes viewers behind the scenes of the fight to save Florida’s springs, from the halls of the state capitol in Tallahassee to deep caves of Ichetucknee spring.

Klink Klunk Klonk

A spoken word, arthouse film about the decay of the Western world.


In near future, in a cold February morning, the two sisters excitedly wear their coats when they see their brother through the window. After driving for a while in the car driven by their brother, the two get out of the car. Their brother, who is deeply in thought, stays in the car. First, the girls pour water on the ground. Then they create something in the form of a man. Their brother comes closer in after some time. He takes out a carrot from one of his pockets and makes a gesture meaning ”the carrot should be the nose”. The girls wear both the carrot and their beanies and scarves on the mud man they have made. Since it doesn’t snow even in a conventionally cold city like Erzurum in February anymore, they have had to resort to such an alternative.

P.E.T s

Green energy innovations

Bad Neighbor

Mal Vecino is an Investigation of more than 3 years El Maule, southern Chile, today is struggling … the COEXCA company dedicated to raising, slaughtering and exporting pork meat, decides to install in the rural area of the commune of San Javier a mega pig breeding farm … that would reach a total of 144 thousand … the fear and mistrust of the neighbors … that the AGROSUPER and Freirina disaster will repeat itself … leads them to investigate, finding to their surprise … a series of irregularities which also adds … to the current contamination that this plant is generating in the daily life of the Neighbors of San Javier and Cauquenes


Antarctica – an infinite world of fearfully hanging glaciers cut by malicious cracks. Biting cold, cunning climate and countless secrets waiting to be revealed. The documentary takes viewers on a journey with the bulgarian famous musicians Theodosii Spasov and Hari Tsvyatkov to the ice continent. They will perform a concert for the most unconventional audience on Earth – a large colony of penguins. For the first time Bulgarian musicians create music in the coldest place on the planet, inspired by the majestic nature. 

BR above all

In the North of the Brazilian State of Para is located the world’s largest block of protected forests. An area of Amazon Rainforest with the size of the United Kingdom, that shelters a myriad of stories. Indigenous people, cattle ranchers, small farmers, descendents of black slaves, business owners and politicians reflect in their particular way the effects of the potential expansion of BR-163’s road deep into the forest, until the border with Suriname. The project of the highway was born back in the times of the Brazilian military dictatorship, and until today hovers like a shadow over the region. This movie, however, isn’t about a road. It is a movie about the chasms that separate those who share the same land.