2021 Big Syn Int. Film Festival- Laurel

This film festival has been made possible purely through voluntary efforts of the team of dedicated volunteers, judges and the Grand Jury. Hence, we need the support of all viewers to continue with our mission of educating millions more about the UN SDGs and inspiring action for the Global Goals.

Please support us with any amount if these films make you pause for a moment and help you realise the importance of our actions in today’s interconnected world to ensure a safe, secure and sustainable future for all.

People & Gardens | The Pandemic and Me
The Pandemic & Me is a short documentary about a charity with a huge heart, their members, and the COVID 19 pandemic.

True Friends
“Conny needs to find out who his real friends are”, a dark and humorous take on loneliness following Covid-19. Shot on an iPhone 8 with the native camera app

Tale of a common man in Kerala (situated in South India) who was Covid-19 infected and how this pandemic period gives new insight and understanding on life and its survival to every people in Kerala with new beginning for life, job and learning.

Pedidos (Orders)
Maria, expectantly, prepares herself at home to receive someone in times of a pandemic. The pandemic has shown the need for human beings as social beings, this is a message in a 1-minute short film.

From me

If you had to write a letter to your body, what would you say?  Seven dance students, all of whom have learning/intellectual disabilities, collaborate to produce their first film. Each of the dancers were asked to write to their body, exploring how they perceived themselves, others and the world around them during the Covid-19 pandemic. Drawing upon their feelings and experiences, they choreographed sequences to portray their stories.  (Please note, this film contains spoken English and has closed captions/subtitles in Belarusian, Bulgarian, Cantonese (Hong Kong), Dutch, Estonian, French, Greek, Indonesian, Javanese, Kazakh, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Sundanese and Swedish. 

Tha Magik Change

The film “Tha Magik Change” is a step towards creating awareness about the pandemic-stricken apparel businesses (inclusive of tailors, thrift stores, recycling labels, upcycling labels). Revolving around the uneasy feeling of the happenings at the “katran ki dukaan”, where people are leaving, handing down the key to the last person to leave. It is a reflection of the lockdown and the effects on small scale businesses that lead to huge movement of people across the country due to the unavailability of living wages at the time of lockdown.


A date dinner during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A mask for everyone

Spring 2020. Refugees from Somalia and Syria work together with Germans and sew protective masks to give out for free in the small East-German village they live in. They teach each other, learn from each other and laugh together while sewing masks for everyone. The men and women from Syria and Somalia take on one of their fundamental rights – the right to be an active part of the society they are a part of.

To survive

A true story about a lady who is Uganda`s youngest chairperson in the history of women in politics. She decided to prepare porridge during the lockdown due Covid-19 to reduce hunger among her community members.