As a little girl, there were two things that Annika loved most;
Being out in nature, playing in the woods and helping her mom in the garden. And watching movies and their making-offs with her dad, which sparked something in her that has been burning ever since.

She dreamt of becoming a filmmaker.
Growing up she was lucky enough that she kept chasing and fighting for that dream, against all odds and sometimes even well-meant advice. Today happily working in the film industry she is sure that she is on the right track. Unfortunately, with nature, we are on the path to doom and thus our world as we know it and our future. If there is no future for the world that we live in and that we should care for, how could we see a good future for us? She had to ask myself a very important question: How can she make a positive impact on nature, which she cares so much for, with the profession that she has?

The answer to that is: Combining the message with her line of work, sharing such an important topic in the movies that she creates to reach the right people, to change minds and to save what she loves. Being a part of the production of the feature film “The Mad King” which won “Best Producer” at the 2023 Big Syn International Film Festival is a good step in the right direction, but we have to keep spreading the message until we see positive changes!