Chandni is a social justice advocate, award-winning documentary filmmaker and policy professional. Having lived in multiple countries around the world – from the shores of Lake Victoria, to the Garden of England and the hutongs of Beijing – she is drawn to the power of storytelling as something we can all share and experience in.

Her work is motivated by a desire to acknowledge the lives of underrepresented and marginalised communities, while also creating new forms of knowledge about the most pressing issues of our time.

Having authored books on the UN SDGs and contributed to law and policy reform across the UK, she is now actively working with organisations around the world to bring human narratives to global audiences and decision-makers.

Chandni is the co-founder of JUST Impact, a nonprofit research organisation which uses the medium of film to challenge dominant discourse on notions of power, justice and sustainable development. Her projects have included work on arranged marriage and female agency within the South Asian diaspora, business ethics and human rights within Chinese companies, and gender equality and female representation within the UK legal system.