Charlie Shread

Charlie Shread is a sociocracy facilitator, learning coach and filmmaker from the UK, with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Production from the Arts University Bournemouth.

In 2011, Charlie co-founded Change The Future, an experimental community aimed at exploring social collaboration tools to deepen democracy, advance collective intelligence, and seed social transformation. In 2016, with Marianne Osorio, he started Wondering School, a project focused on humanising education, which has taken him to over 40 diverse schools and educational projects across the globe. This journey led to the production of the documentary “School Circles” in 2018, which shows how students and teachers are using sociocracy in their schools to ensure that all voices are heard and empowered. The film has received international acclaim, with screenings in more than 100 schools, universities, communities, and festivals worldwide. Additionally, through Wondering School, Charlie gives talks and facilitates training courses on sociocracy, empowering individuals with the tools for collective decision-making in educational and community settings.

His expertise in sociocracy was further developed in 2018 when he co-facilitated training workshops with John Buck and others in India, Austria, Germany and Portugal. Since 2021, Charlie has been a learning coach at Kubrio, an online self-directed education platform, where he supports young people in reaching their goals and cultivating lifelong learning. Charlie is also the sound designer for the highly regarded ecological podcast, The Spaceship Earth, which discusses regeneration, transformation and consciousness. And committed to environmental conservation himself, Charlie has contributed to planting over 12,800 trees.