Hamidreza is a prominent Iranian filmmaker, writer, and screenwriter.

Hamidreza’s educational background lies in the field of dramatic literature. Since 2007, he has been actively engaged in artistic pursuits, including playwriting and screenwriting. His works have achieved success in numerous festivals worldwide. Some of his notable works include the following short films:
– “murmurs of geranium flower(2014)
– “CafĂ© Dead End” (2015)
– “The Return” (2015)
– “calling for Father” (2016)
– “Don’t take Your Pills” (Producer) (2017)
– “Meet the Monster” (2019)
– “The Method” (2022)
– “Marathon” (2024)

He is also the writer of the animated films:
– “swollen” (2022)
– “Catwalk” (2023)
– Animated series “Animazon” (2023)