Marianne Osorio is a Brazilian educator, biologist, researcher and sociocracy expert with a Masters in Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment from the Institute of Education (IOE) of the University College of London (UCL). Her main focus of research has been “education as the practice of freedom”, according to Paulo Freire’s pedagogy of the oppressed. Marianne worked in state schools in Brazil as a science teacher, action-researcher, facilitator of democratic practices and coordinator of socio-environmental projects with the students in the community. She co-created the Wondering School project, visited more than 40 progressive schools around the world and in 2018 co-produced the School Circles documentary, about democratic schools in the Netherlands that practice sociocracy as a governance system. Since then Marianne has participated in many Q&As with universities, schools and communities about the film, which has served as a catalyst for change in many places. She has also visited the Neighbourhood Children’s Parliaments in India and worked with the Provisional World Children’s Parliament (PWCP), which put into practice the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Marianne has also facilitated sociocracy workshops in India, Austria, Germany, Portugal and online and continues to offer training and consulting on democratic education and sociocracy to schools and educators worldwide.