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Be the change you want to see – Mahatma Gandhi

In supporting the Big Syn International Film festival, our Patrons are not just WISHING FOR, but are actually CREATING A RESPONSIBLE TOMORROW by acting on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Please find below the different levels of patronage and their benefits. You can contact us or pay your patronage via PayPal (details below).

Diamond Patron: £500 – £10,000 +

Sponsor an award for free, create your legacy + other privileges

Leave your ultimate legacy by naming any award with your name, family name or name of your business/organisation.
Example: Rose Smith Award for Best Animation, 2020 Big Syn International Film Festival, London.

This privilege is only offered to the highest contributing Patrons on a first come first served basis. Surely, that is not all, you get to enjoy all the other privileges of Platinum, Gold, Siver and Bronze Patrons.

Please contact us to find out more about the privileges of a Diamond Patron. We will also provide our Bank details to transfer the patronage.

Platinum Patron: £350

Judge the festival entries, join the Patron’s Jury + other privileges

Don’t just support the festival, get engaged. Enjoy watching the shortlisted entries and score them as part of the Patron’s Jury.

The Patrons’ scores will go towards selecting the winners of the curent edition of the festival. You will also enjoy all the other benefits of Gold, Siver and Bronze Patrons.

Gold Patron: £250

Get featured big time, max your visibility + other privileges

You or your organisation will be featured on;

1. (dedicated webpage)

2. Public voting pages of the current edition’s People’s Choice Award nominees that are visitied by thousands of voters from across the globe

3. The screening page of winning entries (see featured 2019 Patrons and Friends on the festival screening page) that is viewed by hundreds and thousands of viewers worldwide.

You will also enjoy all the other benefits of Siver and Bronze Patrons.

Silver Patron: £150

Voice your opinions, create your presence + other privileges

We will publish the Patrons’ quotes and opinions on UNSDGs and the importance of all of us acting on those to bring them to fruition by 2030 via short videos, press releases and blog posts on the Big Syn Institute’s website and official social media platforms.

You will also enjoy all the other benefits of Bronze Patrons.

Bronze Patron: £100

Let the world know, inspire others

Patrons are acknowledged for their contributions on all of Big Syn Film Festival’s social media posts and featured on the list of Patrons and Friends of the festival, on the festival website.

Please choose the level of patronage and pay using PayPal’s secure portal. You do not need a PayPal account and can pay with any credit or debit card.

Please contact us if you want to make a bank transfer instead. Alternatively, we will contact you with a payment confirmation and further details on the email you provide us.

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Who are our Patrons?

Our Patrons are thoughtful, responsible and foresighted individuals and businesses or organisations. Any individual or organisation/business that identifies the importance of every other person’s role in ensuring the success of the United Nations 2030 Agenda is more than welcome to be a Patron of the festival.

Why are our Patrons indispensible?

Patrons are central to the Big Syn Institute’s ability to celebrate meaningful global cinema – films that entertain and inspire viewers to act on the UNSDGs. Support from Patrons allows the organisers to keep the Film Festival free to participate whilst offering cash prizes to the winners. Their contributions also allow the organisers continue educating the civic society about the UNSDGs and spread the important messages featured in the films to a worldwide audience via free online screening of the winning films, social media posts, blogs, press releases, videos and all other possible means.

How do we use your patronage?

Your contributions allow the Big Syn Institute keep the Big Syn International Film festival free to enter for filmmakers from across the world. Importantly, your contributions also fund the cash prizes for the winners. As has been indicated by past winners of the festival, these cash prizes offer a valuable lifeline for them to continue making more meaningful films.