Big Syn Institute launches Big Syn Film Fest

Big Syn Institute launches the first Big Syn International Film Festival to celebrate meaningful films that are inspiring people to act on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Category: Press release | Date: August 15, 2019 | By: Big Syn Institute, London. UK.

Today, the Big Syn Institute, an initiative of the Centre for Big Synergy, London, launched the first Big Syn International Film Festival to celebrate meaningful films that are inspiring people to act on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The Big Syn Institute nurtures, promotes, supports and celebrates inspirational creativity that has the power to inspire the civic society, organisations, and governments to bring  positive changes to the society, economy and environment, and ensure a thriving, able and responsible future for everyone.

The 2019 Big Syn International Film Festival, is the world’s biggest not-for-profit film festival that is exclusively celebrating feature films, shorts, animations, documentaries and all other forms of videos, that are inspiring viewers to act on the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

Good stories with worthwhile messages always leave a lasting impression on the audience. When such stories are told via moving images, it can inform and influence millions. Meaningful stories, told through film and media have been catalysts for social, economic and political changes since its birth. The inspiration for the Big Syn International Film Festival was drawn from this unparallel power of effective storytelling via films. When important messages are passed on as an impactful visual story rather than just a generic video message, the effects are far greater than otherwise.

Entry categories for the film festival include;

  • Feature film
  • Animation (feature)
  • Short film
  • Animation (short)
  • Documentary
  • Advertisement
  • Public Service Announcement
  • Virtual reality videos
  • Social media videos

Following are the awards for EACH entry category.

  1. Winner- Grand Jury Award
  2. Special Mention awards ( x 2)
  3. People’s choice awards (multiple)

Filmmakers will be entitled to the following.

Cash Prizes
– Details to be announced soon.

Streaming deals
– Winning films will be forwarded to major streaming platforms.

Global recognition
– Get recognised by a world-class Grand Jury; BAFTA award-winning filmmakers, and notable British and US film and media professionals from streaming platform/s, film schools, media, government policy and sustainability

Laurels and Crest of Honour
– Award winners and official selections will receive the official laurels and the Big Syn International Film Festival’s distinguishing Crest of Honour.

Certificate of excellence
– Only the award winners will receive an official certificate of excellence (soft copy).

Potential for collaboration and funding
– Worldwide exposure of the filmmaker and the work to aid collaboration and funding of future projects via a news release circulated amongst the large international network of the members of Centre for Big Synergy, ranging from investors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, to scientists, authors, politicians and artists.

– Winning filmmakers will be interviewed and the interviews will be published on the Big Syn Institute’s website and publicised via social media.

Permanent web profile
– A permanent profile of winning works, by category, will be published on the Big Syn Institute’s website, post festival.

– Winners and official selections will receive social media shout-outs and publicity before and during the festival screenings.

The festival is open for entries until 20th December 2019. All official selections and winners will be screened online in between 26th – 31st December 2019.

Please visit for more details and to submit your film for the festival.


For media enquiries please contact the Big Syn Institute via this link.