BSIFF – Awards, honours, publicity


BSIFF, London, will review Projects in their entirety. Projects will be watched and reviewed by members of the Selection Committee; a professional group of filmmakers, film enthusiasts and critics. Projects will be scored accordingly. Except for the audience award, the Grand Jury decides the Festival winners.

  1. Winner- Grand Jury Award
  2. Special Mention awards ( x 2)
  3. People’s choice award

Prizes comprise of the following for the Winners and Official Selections

Cash Prizes
– $100 each to 2 overall festival winners as decided by Grand Jury scores and their comments.

Streaming deals
– Winning films will be forwarded to major streaming platforms.

Global recognition
– Get recognised by a world-class Grand Jury; BAFTA award-winning filmmakers, and notable British and US film and media professionals from streaming platform/s, film schools, media, government policy and sustainability.

Laurels and Crest of Honour
 – Award winners and official selections will receive the official laurels and the Big Syn International Film Festival’s distinguishing Crest of Honour.

Certificate of excellence
– Only the award winners will receive an official certificate of excellence (soft copy).

Potential for collaboration and funding
– Worldwide exposure of the filmmaker and the work to aid collaboration and funding of future projects via a news release circulated amongst the large international network of the members of Centre for Big Synergy, ranging from investors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, to scientists, authors, politicians and artists.

– Winning filmmakers will be interviewed and the interviews will be published on the Big Syn Institute’s website and publicised via social media.

Permanent web profile
– A permanent profile of winning works, by category, will be published on the Big Syn Institute’s website, post festival.

– Winners and official selections will receive social media shout-outs and publicity before and during the festival screenings.

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