BSIFF – Awards, honours, publicity


BSIFF, London, will review Projects in their entirety. Projects will be watched and reviewed by members of the Selection Committee; a professional group of filmmakers, film enthusiasts and critics. Projects will be scored accordingly. Except for the audience award, the Grand Jury decides the Festival winners.

  1. Winner- Grand Jury Award
  2. Special Mention awards
  3. People’s choice award and Responsible filmmaking award (voted by viewers)

Prizes comprise of the following for the Winners and Official Selections

Cash Prizes
– To be announced

Streaming deals
– Winning films will be forwarded to major streaming platforms.

Global recognition
– Get recognised by a world-class Grand Jury; BAFTA award-winning filmmakers, and notable British and US film and media professionals from streaming platform/s, film schools, media, government policy and sustainability.

Laurels and Crest of Honour
 – Award winners and official selections will receive the official laurels and the Big Syn International Film Festival’s distinguishing Crest of Honour.

Certificate of excellence
– Only the award winners will receive an official certificate of excellence (soft copy).

Potential for collaboration and funding
– Worldwide exposure of the filmmaker and the work to aid collaboration and funding of future projects via a news release circulated amongst the large international network of the members of Centre for Big Synergy, ranging from investors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, to scientists, authors, politicians and artists.

– Winning filmmakers will be interviewed and the interviews will be published on the Big Syn Institute’s website and publicised via social media.

Permanent web profile
– A permanent profile of winning works, by category, will be published on the Big Syn Institute’s website, post festival.

– Winners and official selections will receive social media shout-outs and publicity before and during the festival screenings.

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