Understanding | Ümit Aygül

Filmmaker’s statement

I shot the short film “Understanding” in 2018 as a graduation project from Istanbul University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Radio, Television and Cinema. We made the production under the supervision of Faculty Member İlkay Nişancı and as co-producer with Oben Fışkır with our own financial means. We have sent our film to many national and international festivals. The film has been selected to 5 festivals so far. These; 25th IFSAK National Short Film Festival, Turkey (Competetion Film 2019), – 14th International Labor Film Festival Official Selection, Turkey (2019), – Marmara University Marmara Short Short Film Festival Finalist, Turkey (2019) – Montana International Film Festival Official Selection, USA (2019). – Big Syn International Film Festival (BSIFF) (Nominee 2019 BSIFF People’s Choice Award), London, UK (2019).
We cannot upload the entire film here as the festival processes continue. However, we can load the trailer of the film. We apologize for this. We would be very happy if you like and vote.

Aydın, who was sensitive and aggressive in his writings and speeches against injustice, is a successful and famous writer who prepared research files about social problems in a magazine. What will be the attitude of the incident that Aydın witnessed when he went out to the street for research paper on child labor?

Directed by: Ümit Aygül
Screenplay Writers: Oben Fışkır-Ümit Aygül


Aydın: Fatih Al
Murat: Oben Fışkır
The Kid: Ahmet Selim Arı
Steward: Mehmet Şimşek
Seller of Corn: İmran Ötmi

Producers: Oben Fışkır-Ümit Aygül
Project Consultant: İlkay Nişancı
Line Producer-Cast Director: Sevcan Eylem Adıgüzel
Assistant Director: Deniz Oğuzcan
Director of Photography: Z. Doğuş Özel
Edited by: İdil Akkuş
Music: Mert Sezgin

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