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Ruby & Roach
Dorette Nel

The film tells the story of two soft toys, forgotten on the “SALE” shelf in an airport shop because the one is flawed and the other different. Day in and day out they watch children buy perfectly cloned, brand new soft toys, paying them no attention. One day they escape, cause a bomb scare and get discarded, only to end up somewhere quite unexpected and wonderful.

The film highlights the cruelty of a world that worships and adores all things “new and perfect”. That which makes us different and should be celebrated, is perceived as a flaw or a threat and is pushed aside or ignored. This does not only happen to old, broken or used items, but also to people who are not affluent or educated, have a disability or do not share certain belief systems.

They are pushed to the outskirts of society. This outlook is not sustainable. World-wide rubbish heaps of discarded items and slums of lost people are growing. We have to change our outlook, and realise that everything and everyone can add value if given the opportunity.
Tunnel Vision
Callum Scott-Dyson

We are living in the horrors of late stage capitalism. A worker, TM 109, is literally trapped by the daily grind. He sleeps, he eats, he works. When a mysterious tunnel one day opens up in his room, he decides it’s time to look within.

My film aims to explore the tight grasp that capitalism, society and the rat race can hold over you, and the beauty that can come when you break free and truly discover your potential. We as a society need to encourage self expression, freedom of will and show the next generation they don’t always have to stick with the program.
Manga girls
Takashi Okado

This movie is about a friend of mine who stuttered when I was a student. I have written a story that everyone who creates can relate to.
Last Word
Georg Grobler

Every fourteen days a language dies. The woman wakes up lonely. She searches the city for somebody who speaks her language, someone who can understand her. The Linguist notices her voice and tries to find her as she travels through the city. At the edge of the city she makes a discovery. Laaste Woord is a parable of the tragedy of the gradual extinction of the world’s languages.
Mum’s Spaghetti
Lisa Kenney

Mum’s Spaghetti is a film about kindness. It’s about the importance of knowing who your friends are and sticking by them through thick and thin. It’s a coming of age story about the consequences of mistreating those who love and support you most, and I think it’s an important message for people everywhere across the world – especially in these trying times.
Las Nogas
Catya Plate

“Las Nogas” is the final film in a trilogy of animated ecological dramedies and proof of concept for the feature. Created in stop motion animation, the film cautions humanity of the dangers of global warming and celebrate animal ingenuity and species survivalism. As an animated metaphor it upholds environmental awareness and emphasizes the contributions women make towards improving society. The film champions empathy and collaboration as being crucial elements for achieving global unity.
Farnoosh  Abedi

In the land occupied with the sprayers army, no one has the right to grow any kind of plants either in public or private. So many of the people and soldiers do not even know how dose a plant grows or look like, until one day one of the soldiers finds a seed buried deep down in the dust and his curiosity is just the beginning of something extraordinary, something big, something revolutionary 
The Migration Blanket – Climate Solidarity
Salma Zulfiqar

The Migration Blanket-Climate Solidarity film is a powerful animated short art film which shows the impact of climate change on women and girls around the world. The film, which features over 400 pieces of unique artwork, was created during the pandemic in extraordinary circumstances with 150 young women in over 15 Commonwealth Countries and Salma Zulfiqar BEM, a British award-winning filmmaker and human rights campaigner.

Through this film project and the ARTconnects ( workshops, Refugee and migrant women living in camps, orphanages and other temporary accommodation are given a voice, learn about climate change and their rights and improved mental wellbeing.

Salma Zulfiqar is an award-winning artist and human rights campaigner, born and raised in BirminghIn a show of solidarity the film calls for a greener planet where nobody is left behind, an end to violence against women and better rights for migrants and refugees. The film was screened during the Venice Biennale 2022 among other venues.