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Ginny Jiang

Tides is a groundbreaking dance film that offers a unique perspective by placing women at the forefront. This artful endeavor to unveil the heightened vulnerability women often experience due to societal scrutiny. It explores how people navigate their identities and bodies in various spaces, pushing against insecurities and enduring systemic oppression.

Tides mainly focuses on the LGBTQ+, Isolated and Depressed people. It has the potential to be a catalyst for personal transformation. By delving into the complexities of self-identity and societal expectations, it can evoke reflection and empathy in the audience. This reflection can lead to a transformative process that allows individuals to reassess their perceptions of gender roles, personal space and emotional expression, ultimately contributing to personal growth and self-awareness.
Just Beneath The Surface
Keiran James

Just beneath the Surface’ examines the fragility and power of our environment, and the threats presented by ocean pollution.
Indigenous people who still hunt and live off the land and sea, face threats such as ghost nets – rogue nets, that indiscriminately kill wildlife.

Just Beneath the Surface takes the viewer on a kaleidoscopic journey through a man’s mind and country in his final moments.
Will he fight against nature’s forces, or submit to its power?’
Daron, Daron Colbert
Kevin Steen

This film exists because of one person-Daron Colbert. When,by chance, Daron and I met fouryears ago, I don’t think either of us would have imagined how our lives would intertwine. A collaboration started, a friendship grew, and a film was made. Daron has lived in Delray, Detroit his entire life,bordering the zip code 42817 (the most polluted area in Michigan). What for me started off as a journey to explore the area turned into a discovery of Daron’s character. Over the years,sharing stories and writing together, we bonded over our love of cinema and filmmaking. To me, this film exists to introduce Daron to the world as the aspiring actor that he is.
Tyranny of the Unafflicted
Adam E. Stone

In this experimental, allegorical meditation on chronic illness and the poorly understood medical conditions that often underlie it, an unseen man describes his struggles with an auditory affliction amid the apathy and ableism that surround him. Ableism impacts people with chronic and/or poorly understood illnesses in every country on earth, making their lives much more difficult–and often much more lonely–than they need be. We, as a society, must be open and honest about the problems of ableism and apathy toward those with chronic and/or poorly understood illnesses if we are to truly ensure an equitable and sustainable future for all human beings. This film attempts to humanize and personalize these issues, with the hope that viewers will examine their own attitudes about chronic and/or poorly understood illnesses, and will strive to be empathetic to those afflicted by such illnesses.