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Out of My Comfort Zone
Ivy Vale

Josh and Rachel’s close friendship is tested when a school cyberbully threatens to expose secrets in this modern coming out, coming of age feature film musical comedy set in a New York City school.
The Mad King
Borsu R Highson

The Mad King is a 2023 feature length cinematic political satire Anti Dictatorship with concentration on Global Warming! Set in a fictional world about the most powerful man on the planet with the worst decisions ever! It highlights the most important issues in today’s international politics! The issues highlighted in the movie is our shared responsibility in ensuring a safe, secure and sustainable future for all.
Pablo Nisenson

Indigenous cultures, as is the case of the Mapuche ethnic people reflected in Tales of Wallmapu, imply knowing their view of deep respect for the environment, and all lives that matter in the same way as human life.
The Pink Lagoon
Juan Arce

An estimated 1.3 billion people worlwide experience significant disability. As many as 200 million people have an intellectual disability; which represents 1-3% of the global population. In today’s society, people with intellectual disabilities still struggle to find a place where they can live with dignity, defend their rights, and have the opportunity to develop their talents and work for their dreams. 

The Pink Lagoon is a Mexican film about reconnection, about remembering that it is more what unites us, that what sets us apart. We all have talents, skills, defects, dreams; even people with disability. All perspectives and ways of seeing life are crucial in creating a more inclusive society. It is our shared responsibility to ensure a safe, secure and sustainable future for all.

An independent film that took over 7 years to make. A mission and dream made by real-life brother and sister: Juan (writer, director, producer) and Monica (main actress). The pink Lagoon (La Laguna Rosa) joins the movement for representation of people with disabilities in film and media. As Monica puts it: “I wanted to make this film to show that people with Intellectual Disabilities like me, can reach their dreams and goals if we are given the opportunity. My dream was to become an actress and I worked really hard and did an amazing job.”
Mermaids’ Lament
GB Hajim

Dr. Nell Jamison, a brilliant yet haunted psychiatrist, finds her carefully constructed world shattered when she crosses paths with Oee, a young woman who insists she is a mermaid. Jamison’s character is a powerful reminder that women can be multi-dimensional, strong, and emotionally profound individuals, capable of navigating complex challenges. Through her relationship with Oee, Dr. Nell Jamison is forced to confront her biases and past, underscoring the critical role of introspection and self-awareness in maintaining good mental health.
The film showcases the transformative power of empathy, reminding us of the profound impact that acknowledging another person’s reality can have on both the individual and society as a whole. Oee’s unwavering insistence that she is a mermaid highlights the essential need for agency in defining one’s identity.
“Mermaids’ Lament” underscores the significance of addressing mental health as an integral part of overall well-being throughout the film. Furthermore, the movie serves as a poignant reminder of the need to protect our oceans and marine ecosystems. Research indicates that environmentalism can be encouraged through exposure to the natural world. The film’s breathtaking underwater scenes immerse viewers in the beauty of marine life, emphasizing the importance of preserving these fragile ecosystems. The free-diving sequences capture the serene and liberating experience of being in harmony with the ocean, deepening the sense of purpose that comes with environmental stewardship.
“Mermaids’ Lament” is a cinematic masterpiece that enlightens, inspires, and entertains while addressing critical societal issues.